Income Streams Creation Workshop

Setup 3 Income Streams from Start to Finish!

If you are anything like I was when I decided I wanted to make money from home you get yourself all excited and pumped up only to sit down at your computer and stare at the blank screen because... you have no idea where to start.


The Income Streams Creation Workshop will help you figure out where to start.

You will also figure out what income stream(s) to focus on, set monthly income goals, and figure out the tasks needed to be done to meet your goal.

A key part of the Workshop is the Task Time Blocking worksheet where you will learn how to maximize your time so that you can actually get things done, spend time with your kids, AND make money from home.

The Worksheets included in the workshop are:
*Skills Roundup Worksheet
*Business Startup Checklist
*Task Finder Worksheet
*3 Task Time Blocking Worksheets
*FREEBIE: Income Streams Goals and Tracker Worksheet
*A HUGE time saving FREEBIE: Facebook Group Promo Days Spreadsheet


"With insight on online business and websites, Stacy provides a listening ear and relevant advice to each dilemma I have faced. Stacy pushes you past your comfort zones and challenges you to think outside the box. She is amazing, creative, and friendly. The help I’ve gotten from Stacy has been invaluable."

Ailie Baumann – Christian Life Coach

"Wow. It is revolutionary."

Brandi Harper - Mom of 3

Your Instructor

Stacy Hudson
Stacy Hudson

Hi, I'm Stacy and I am a mom who had the dream of making money online from amywhere. I wanted to be at home with our daughter. I also wanted to earn money to take some of the load off of my husband. That dream is now my reality.

I started my VA business when I was 7 months pregnant and got let go from my church office job because of cut backs. My goal was to make $500 a year to pay for Christmas and I made that in my first month! Soooo... I kept going! That was over 4 years ago. And now, I make at least 4 times that a month and I am expanding to an agency because I have just hit my client limit. You can do this too!

Because of my success others started asking questions about how they could do the same. So, I started coaching Moms so they can enjoy the same success.

I make money online and you can too, Momma!

Get started now!